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Our range of Grease Traps help prevent oil, fat and grease accumulating in the drainage system and help avoid major problems caused by blockages.

Our Grease Traps are suitable for domestic settings and helps to minimise the build up of oil, fat or grease building up in the drainage system and causing blockages. These blockages can be very serious and be a mojor problem for any household so are well worth avoiding if at all possible.

These Grease Traps use gravity to seperate oils and fats from heavier waste solids as the oil, fat or grease will rise to the surface of the water and trapped as a semi solid layer. The rest of the heavier waste will sink and is deposited at the bottom where it is deposited into a filter bucket.

The intermediate “clean” water layer is washed through the filter bucket and moves along the drainage system via the suitably positioned outlet pipe. Any system like this should be inspected on a regular basis and the bucket should be emptied monthly.

There is a long handle on the filter bucket that we supply so you don’t have to touch any nasty stuff and the whole system is easy to install. It can be used in both new and existing systems that have 110mm piping. If you need any help at all with a Grease Trap system – just call our helpful and expert Trade Counter team on 0818 888 000 or jump on our live chat anytime.

We are the leading supplier for Grease Traps in Ireland and have a great range of high quality products. 100% Irish with fast, nationwide delivery.

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